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At What’s My Tartan, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to look good while wearing your heritage. We have been in the business of outfitting people in kilts, plaids, scarves, and dresses since 2006, and we were constantly asked one question—which tartan can I wear? The simple answer to that question is that most everybody CAN wear almost any tartan that they want, but what makes Celtic tartans unique is that a tartan can represent a person’s heritage in colors and stripe patterns. Most Americans have dozens of Scottish or Irish ancestors and relatives, and we made a tool that makes it easier for you to find the tartan that represents your heritage. Whether the clan tartan you choose is associated with your father or mother’s last name, the last name of a distant relative, or a tartan associated with your favorite region or organization, you can discover your best options for wearing kilts or other tartan products that most authentically represents your own particular heritage, life, and experience.